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Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Expression lines can be treated with injections that relax the muscles causing the wrinkles.

Treatable Area

The commonest areas treated are the muscles between the brows (frown), around the eyes (crow’s feet) and forehead. A brow lift can be created which may help the face and eyes appear more open. Areas which can also be treated include lip lines, lifting the corners of the mouth, neckbands and reshaping the lower face.

The product and its safety

The prescription substance most widely used for this treatment is derived from a natural, purified protein and provides temporary improvement in lines and furrows. It works by blocking the nerve impulse to the muscle,thereby preventing muscle contraction and the associated wrinkle.

The substance has been used for more than 20 years in 80 countries to treat different medical conditions. As it was developed for medical treatments, including treatment for children with cerebral palsy, it has been thoroughly tested and researched prior to its cosmetic application.

Like any other prescription medicine there can be side effects but these are uncommon. Dr Lamb will discuss any specific risks for the areas treated at your consultation. Bruising and tenderness at the injection site may occur however this normally resolves after a few days. The product should not be used during pregnancy, whilst breast feeding or for people with certain neuro-muscular disorders.

The procedure

A super-fine needle is inserted into the appropriate muscles and a small amount of muscle relaxant is injected. Pain varies between individuals but is usually very tolerable.


Patients typically see results between three and seven days and the improvement usually lasts three months or more depending on the individual and the area treated. Where repeated treatments are given, the interval between patient visits usually extends.