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Frequently asked questions

and some questions that should be asked ...
Will I look natural?

Dr Lamb will be aiming for a natural result for you. The aim is for improvement rather than perfection. The key is often found in a subtle restoration of facial balance.

Will other people notice?

We are aiming for natural and subtle results. Therefore, it is possible that only you will be fully aware of the changes achieved. Others may comment, for instance, that you look well.

Am I too old to start?

While a young person may be looking towards beautification or prevention of ageing, there is plenty to offer the older patient. We may be able to improve the signs of ageing which make one look angry or grumpy due to harsh frown lines, sagging downturned mouth corners or thin lined lips. Many patients say they “feel invisible” after a certain age. Restoring these key areas can make a significant difference to how one feels and how one is perceived by our society.

Sometimes one area has aged out of balance with other areas e.g. prominent lip lines. Correction of this one area adds balance to the face and improves facial aesthetics. The aim is always improvement rather than perfection.

Will I lose time off work?

Anti-wrinkle injection treatments often take less than 30 minutes to perform. Most people will return to work immediately. Dermal filler treatments may require some planning as there is always a risk of bruising and redness. The lip area in particular often swells and looks uneven for a couple of days.
Patients often choose end of day appointments for filler treatments, returning to work the following day and successfully use make-up to cover any bruising.

What product is used for anti-wrinkle treatment?

Anti-wrinkle treatments are very popular and sought by patients. It is a relatively quick, medically proven and effective treatment with visible results seen usually within 5 days.

Due to TGA Regulations, this medicine is not allowed to be named in advertising.
It is also a class of medication which requires:

  • A doctor to see the patient face to face, take a full history and examine the area for treatment
  • A doctor to prescribe the medication specifically for the patient
  • Administration of the preparation, ideally in a medical environment

Dr Lamb will personally attend all patients.

Are anti wrinkle injections safe?

The prescription substance most widely used for this treatment is derived from a natural, purified protein and provides temporary improvement in lines and furrows. It works by blocking the nerve impulse to the muscle, thereby preventing muscle contraction and the associated wrinkle.

The substance has been used for more than 20 years in 80 countries to treat different medical conditions. As it was developed for medical treatments, including treatment for children with cerebral palsy, it has been thoroughly tested and researched prior to its cosmetic application.

Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections hurt?

A super-fine needle is inserted into the appropriate muscles and a small amount of muscle relaxant is injected. Pain varies between individuals but is usually very tolerable.

What products are used for dermal fillers?

There are a range of products available. Due to TGA Regulations, this group of dermal filling products are not allowed to be named in advertising.
Dr Lamb will advise, in consultation with you, her opinion regarding the best product to suit your needs. Only non-permanent dermal fillers are used.

Are dermal fillers safe?

The effectiveness and safety of non-permanent dermal fillers has been tested in clinical trials for more than a decade in over 70 countries. Because the product used in our treatments is manufactured and doesn’t contain any animal proteins, the risk of allergy is very small.

Do dermal fillers hurt?

The procedure can sometimes cause mild discomfort or be painful. However, anaesthetic agents are used both before and within the product to assist with any discomfort.

What about Maintenance?

For anti-wrinkle injections:
In the first twelve months – it is best to repeat at the schedule advised by Dr Lamb, approximately three monthly to avoid muscle activity returning and allow maximal softening of lines.
After twelve months – the interval between treatments may extend to 4 – 5 months with this program.

For dermal fillers:
The interval of re-treatment depends on the area treated and the individual’s characteristics, e.g. age, skin type. Dr Lamb will advise at the time of your consultation. The interval between treatments can be between 6 – 18 months.

How do I book?

As Dr Lamb’s clinics are busy, booking is essential.
Initial appointment: allow one hour.
Rebooking: Dr Lamb will advise you of your next recommended treatment schedule.
Keeping an appointment: Staff from the rooms will contact you prior to your appointment. Confirmations are required to retain your appointment.

A cosmetic appointment with Dr Lamb can be made by
phoning 0435 76 76 76.

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